Sunday, July 13, 2008

Week Two: July 7 - July 11

Orientation: Ourselves. Our Work. Our City.
Our second week was all about getting out into our urban landscape as design thinkers. We took a voyage across the Sound to see our city from afar, visited the environmental education campus of Islandwood, met with Mithun (the architects who designed Islandwood), and visited Gasworks Park and the Seattle Central Library to see how architecture and landscape architecture has played a role in shaping our city.

To end our week, we teamed up with SAM's Jackie White to design an art and environmental awareness activity for ARTattack: Teen Night Out! at the Olympic Sculpture Park. Big thanks to SAM's Teen Advisory Group for planning the amazing event and inviting us to participate!!

Week Two bloggers: Miyuki + Hahn

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