Sunday, July 27, 2008

Week Four: July 21 - 25

Design Process II: Define + Refine
Informed by group feedback, we continued to push designs this week. We had two big critiques that helped give us ideas to deepen our projects. Thanks to our guest critics: Sandra, James, Davida, Jackie, Emily and Nate!

Along with all the studio work, we also took some time out to learn some basic Photoshop and Illustrator (thanks James!), to visit the Seattle Asian Art Museum, to gain some words of wisdom from Mimi Gardner Gates, Illsey Ball Nordstrom Director of SAM, and to run wild at the You Complete Me exhibition at Western Bridge with our friends from Upward Bound. Western Bridge may have been our favorite field trip to date! Maybe we need to take a vote... Big thanks to Eric for the invite. Sorry we burst so many balloons!!

Cheers to Aaron + Lily for their great posts this week.

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