Thursday, July 31, 2008

Upward Bound's Chair displays. July 30th 2008

Upward Bound's project brief: "The chairs from Olympic Sculpture Park have gone missing! Create a chair for OSP replacing the old chairs" (i think..)

& the Results are.....

Last FULL Work Day ! July 29th 2008

Chloe workin' hard on her ultra super cool Performance Studio.

After a night of hard work... BiLLY's TOWER for TEENS!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Week Four: July 21 - 25

Design Process II: Define + Refine
Informed by group feedback, we continued to push designs this week. We had two big critiques that helped give us ideas to deepen our projects. Thanks to our guest critics: Sandra, James, Davida, Jackie, Emily and Nate!

Along with all the studio work, we also took some time out to learn some basic Photoshop and Illustrator (thanks James!), to visit the Seattle Asian Art Museum, to gain some words of wisdom from Mimi Gardner Gates, Illsey Ball Nordstrom Director of SAM, and to run wild at the You Complete Me exhibition at Western Bridge with our friends from Upward Bound. Western Bridge may have been our favorite field trip to date! Maybe we need to take a vote... Big thanks to Eric for the invite. Sorry we burst so many balloons!!

Cheers to Aaron + Lily for their great posts this week.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Thursday 7/24 and Friday 7/25

Yesterday we worked on our projects for today's critique all morning. Everyone worked hard, and in the afternoon we left the studio, and went to Western Bridge in the sodo district. We were introduced to the show going on at the moment, and we all split up to view the art work throughout the space.

Today we had our final critiques for our project. We all got some good feedback, and next week we are working on finishing them.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Upward Bound final project

Our friends in the Upward Bound program at the UW's College of Architecture and Urban Planning have received a brief for their final project!! They have been asked to imagine that all the red chairs from OSP are gone. Now they need to design new seating solutions for the park. Check out their progress in these snaps. We will see what they come up with at their final presentation at the UW next Wednesday...

Miyuki tha heifer!


and aww.
a little KISSY from his MOMMY on his forehead.(:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Miyuki trying 2 steal my style!!!!!!!!!!!

Betta watch urself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meeting with Mimi Gates.

We met with Mimi Gates, the head of all three SAM sites, and we each told her our "elevator speech" about our concept.

What we learned to do today.

James taught us how to use photoshop and illustrator.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Work in Progress...

July 22, 2008: Everyone is working hard at fine-tuning their concepts the day after our first critique.

"I would like to create a mall because a lot of the teens I interviewed said they would make a mall. This mall will be an outlet for expressions of art, culture, music, and celebrate ideas that bring positive environmental change. The building has solar power, air/hydraulic power, and will be built from recycled materials whenever possible. The building is located in Cascade Park towards the middle of all three sites. It is a five level building with environmentally controlled exhibits, stores from around the world, a twisted escalator in the middle, a teen learning center with fun high tech activities, art galleries from around the world including virtual art, storage for travel spheres, rental spaces with virtual vacation homes, outside clear travel ring tubes that connect sites, a fountain space that acknowledges teens, world fashion stores and art underground tunnel that goes around the world fashion store. The building’s purpose is designed to communicate different cultures and have a place for teens to express themselves. Teens said, others accomplishments inspire them. I want to connect art and people from all three sites, by travel and celebrating teen’s accomplishments."
"The basics of my idea start with a stage set up in a public park in between the boundaries of the SAM sites. According to peer interviews, most teens suggested modern and "relaxed" structures. The stage will be fairly small- not too small. The stage has three levels that will showcase the 'art' shown at each site. Artists from all around can show their work there. The stage will hold performances ranging from music to plays to lectures. Any person can experience this structure. Also, the stage will be completely environmentally friendly. In my opinion, the design shows a very modern take on the idea. Rules will not be very enforced, however, very important will definitely be pushed. Children and adults alike can interact with this drawing."

"My concept strives to bring teens together to express themselves in an urbanized, yet ecological surrounding. Teens (and public) will enter for free and suddenly be engulfed in a tree-like structure, completed by plants and sounds from the outdoors. As they travel up the trunk of the tree, their backgrounds and urbanized personalities will collide with the gentle, nature-filled environment created by sounds and lights. At the peak, there will be various events and locations where teens and the public can relax. learn about the art museums that inspired the structure, create their own graffiti art, and experience a greenhouse effect, suspended in the air."

"I chose to have a mobile design to connect all three SAM sites. The design will be somewhat like the monorail experience, only vaster in the feelings of the wall, the colors setting a mood, light changes and sensations from the actual view of historic Seattle buildings. As the transportation moves through the city there will be light changing and sounds depending on where you are and some facts about the area. The future will benefit from the design because believe many people will use the transportation for years to come."

"The link that I envision between the Seattle Art Museum downtown, the Olympic Sculpture Park on the waterfront, and the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Capitol Hill is both an actual means of transportation throughout the three sites and symbolic of the museum's mission. What better way to connect art to life than to transform the task of getting to your destination into a journey through the city on a bicycle that is it's own piece of art. I see people picking up the museum bikes- recycled, and redesigned by local artists- at one of the three sites and spending anywhere from a few hours to an entire day touring not only the museum's galleries, but the street art and the city architecture along the way."

"My concept on connecting the three SAM sites was to build a ski lift that connects them. The lifts would be colorful on the outside and see-through on the inside. Inside, there would be these awesome spinning chairs according to the site. OSP would have red chairs, SAM would have blue, and SAAM would have green. The awesome spinning chairs would have wheels on them so you can move around in the ball. That goes for the color of the lifts outside too. The shape of the lift would be round like a ball that would spin on the outside, but not on the inside. Hopefully, people would enjoy being in a ski lift downtown and also get to see Seattle from a higher point that just walking through it."

"The purpose of my concept is to create an atmosphere where teens and their families can come to express themselves whether it be through music, design, performance, of fine arts. When the teens enter my building they will be inspired to be artistic. My idea for the main entrance is to have both walls covered with graffiti art. I think that by doing that it can get the teens creative juices flowing. They will have many options for what they can do while at the performance center. For example, teens could put on their own production, in one of the three theatres, or they could design their own products. I placed this structure near OSP because it is a very teen and family friendly place and that’s the kind of vibe that I want people to get from the performance center."

"For my concept I decided to design a link to all three SAM sites with a venue/fountain/park in the middle. There are three tunnels from each site. Each tunnel is easily located and you walk into them. You walk through them until you reach the park (the tunnels only go to the park). Once you step into the park you see a fountain in the middle of it. Only once you get closer do your realize there is a bigger fountain that is built into the ground. In the middle of the fountain is a stage that can be used for music, theater, dance, runway, or any other type of performance."

Monday 7/21 and Tuesday 7/22

On Monday we had to finish working on our projects for an afternoon critique. Everyone got up in front of the people in our program + Sandra & James. People explained their idea, because Sandra and James had not heard it before. They offered positive critical feedback, and we gave our peers our feedback/compliments.

Today (Tuesday), we went to volunteer park to see the Seattle Asian Art Museum (SAAM). The SAAM is where the original SAM site was, but they later moved SAM to its current location, and it is now the Asian Art Museum. We toured the site, and saw the exhibits. Later on we came back and worked on our final presentations some more.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Week Three: July 14 - July 18

Design Process I: Concept To Ideation
Week three ends with us five days into our Creative Commons final project. After coming up with dozens of concepts everyone is off and running with their favorite idea. Sketches, models, collages, interviews, concept statements, and site searches are in the works... There are fountains, bicycles, teen centers, monorail-like experiences, and more to come!! Stay tuned!!

Thanks week three bloggers Nate + Billy!!

Mini-Mart City Park

Huge thanks to SuttonBeresCuller to for inviting Re+Vision and the Upward Bound crew out to Georgetown to learn about their newest public sculpture, Mini-Mart City Park. It is a total work in progress as they just got the site. Their plan is to return this "blighted piece of ubiquitous architecture to nature and the public sphere". It is a perfect example for us - artists acting as change makers in their urban landscape. The visit and following discussion left quite an impression as we begin thinking about our own design proposals. Billy said it was "probably his favorite field trip so far" which is a lot to say after all the adventures we have been over the last three weeks!!

Street Finds: