Sunday, July 13, 2008

Re+Vision leads Eco-Footprint Workshop at ARTattack: Teen Night Out!

Did you know that if everyone on the planet had average American lifestyles of consumption we would need about 5-6 earths to sustain ourselves?

led a workshop to introduce Seattle teens at ARTattack on July 11th at OSP to the concept of ecological footprints through art making. Teens calculated their footprints the using a cool online calculator (try it!!). Once they found out their "earth count"they created necklaces illustrating the areas of their lives that they could change to help reduce their footprints (think transportation, food, energy, water, recycling, etc). The workshop ended with everyone making a pledge to reduce their footprint by doing one simple thing. Teens chose actions such as eating less meat, turning the lights out when they leave a room, turning the water off when brushing teeth, recycling whenever possible... and more!

Huge thanks to Jackie White, SAM's Environmental Steward, for collaborating with us from start to finish!! Oh, and check out Jackie's recent post on Worldchanging about composting in Seattle.

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