Friday, July 18, 2008

On July 17th we went to OSP to listen to a panel discussion about art. Different artist showed up to talk for an hour. Different artist like SuttonBeresCuller,Maggie Walker, Daniel Friedman, Peter Boal, and Michael Kinsley.
Billy and Lily were our navigators for our trip to Cascade Park trying to make sure that we don't get lost.
Billy focuses on the map taking us to Cascade Park.

Chloe says hi to the camera while we're walking around the city heading to OSP.

Nate is keeping it real like always with his awesome tongue. ROCK ON!!!We finally made it to Cascade Park!! Hurrayyyy!!!The beautiful, wonderful, glorious , amazing, outstanding, unbelievable , beautiful, and amazing Cascade Park.
We all are trying in the nice, not so fun, OK in a way panel discussion the artist are discussing. Again Nate's keeping it real and trying so hard to stay awake while Blake text messaging and has no problem staying awake.Mimi talks introduces Michael Kinsley(moderator) and thanks Jackie White and all the SAM Staff. It was so totally awesome to meet her before the discussion started.As we walk back from OSP Miyuki gets scared because Nate and Billy talk about amimal cruelty.

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