Friday, August 8, 2008

Nate interviewed by Aaron

How did you first here about this program, and why did you join it?

My mom got an email from my godmother, and I got it the day of the deadline. I wasn't to happy about doing it because I only had one day to decide if I wanted to do it or not. Finally I decided to because I had no other plans this summer.

What have you learned being in this program about design, art and architecture?
That it takes alot of work to get the project done, and its not as easy as it seems. You dont just draw something, and it appears as a building.

How hard was it for you to get up in the morning?
It was pretty easy because I would sleep on the bus, and I would sleep when I got here before the program started.

Was the program what you expected of it?
Not at all. I thought it was gonna be a wider variety of design instead of focusing on architecture.

Would you visit any place that we have visited again?
I would visit Western Bridge, because of the balloon room and the bounce house. I would go to see their next installations as well.

Where do you see yourself at 25? Do you see yourself doing something design related?An RnB singer and dancer. I would design my own clothes, and my own record covers. My shoes as well. I wanna have my own shoe label.

What else interest you besides design and RnB?
I like to skateboard, basketball, N kickin it wit tha homiez.

Do you think you will stay in contact with anyone in this program?
I'm not entirely sure, I do have some peoples myspaces, so I will stay in contact with them probably

Why do you think you got the creative communicator award?
"Because the way I communicate is creative." I use my hands to gesture in a creative one of a kind way.

Will you join this program next year?
It depends on my summer plans for next year. If I have nothing planned for next year then I will.

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