Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aaron interviewed by Nate

Aaron Jamroski's thoughts on the program. (questions asked by Nate Anderson)

What made you want to join the program?

My mom sent me an email of the flyer and it looked like a constructive way to spend six weeks of my summer, also it had to do with stuff I am interested in.

What did u expect it to be like when you first started the program?

I thought it was more our choice of how we were to a project or we were actually going to work with architects to design a space.

Was the program what you expected?

No, it was not because of the above reasons, although I did have fun stepping outside of my comfort zone, and designing something I wasn't used to designing.

What were some of your favorite parts of the program?

Getting to design the projects, and present my project to the public. Also meeting all the professional designers and architects.

Are there any places that we went to that you would like to go again?

The Library because it is an interactive piece of architecture, Western Bridge because they had a good show, and I want to see what they host in the future.

Would you say that you made friends with every1 there?

Yes, we all got to know each other. I wouldn't say we got close, but we all got to know and appreciate each other.

Do you think that is was a good learning experience for you?

Yes, I do. It has taught me patience to do a variety of things, and how to get along with people - its a work in progress).

Would you join the program again?

Yes I would and probably will, but I would hope whoever is in charge of the program curriculum would pick a new design topic. I'm now on the Teen Advisory Group at SAM because of being in re+vision

What did you learn about design?

I learned how to draw scale drawings, that is when you draw something in the dimensions (we used 1/4 of an inch) that they would be in if you built it.

Whats your design style?

I like to draw things out instead of using the computer for things like photoshop. So I guess it would be a little old fashioned because most designers our age don't draw things they use the computer for it.

What made you get the most fashionable navigator award ?

I don't know. I would assume because I always knew were we would be going and how to get their on the bus or how to walk there, and if course I did it with style.

Do you think that you will continue to be friends with everyone after the program ends?

Yes I do. I enjoy every ones company here so I hope to stay in contact with everyone.

How much money do you spend on coffee a year?

Alot. I dont count it, but alot. I enjoy coffee.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Moving away from Seattle, probably to New York. Making clothing, or whatever else I decide to do. Living on my own, being the It Boy for Men's Vogue (even though mens vogue isnt that interesting).

When do you plan on going to New York?

In two years if I have enough saved, but as soon as I save enough.

Who inspires you to be a designer?

The current designers pushing the limits such as Dolce and Gabbanna, Prada, and etc. They make me wanna push the boundaries of fashion even further. I believe I can do it. I've got ambition.

What do you think the public should know about you when your famous?

I'm not afraid to take risks to do what I need to so I can get the results I want. This is only the beginning for me.

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