Friday, August 8, 2008

Miyuki interviewed by Chloe

Chloe: "Whats was the best part of the program?"

Miyuki: "Meeting new people and seeing the variety of new ideas that they brought to the table was definitely the best part of the program."

Chloe: "What aspects of design did you experience that helped you notice something different about yourself? "
Miyuki: "I learned that there are certain types of art that are specific and traditional in some sense, and other types art that kind of steps out of the box, and makes you think a little bit more about what the piece actually means or is trying to get across."

Chloe: "What were your favorite spaces that we visited? Why?"

Miyuki: "I liked Western Bridge, because of its contemporariness."

Chloe: "What were your most proud accomplishments with your design work during this program?"

Miyuki: " I guess it was really just getting the work done. Because I didn't think that I would get done in time. But I did, and the finished product was AWESOME!!!!!

Chloe: "What are some things that you learned about Seattle that you didn't know before?"

Miyuki:" I learned that there were a lot of gallery spaces, and a lot of artist that are local that have contributed partially if not completely with the buildings/structure that we see in the city everyday".

Chloe: "Do you plan on studying or pursuing a career in design?"

Miyuki:"No not really, but I enjoyed the time that I spent this summer learning about the different aspects of design."

Chloe: "Do you look at your city/community differently, now that you have gone through this program?:Miyuki: "Yes, I find myself looking up at the buildings a lot more than I did before."

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